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I'm an ordinary guy who loves to adorn my skin with drawings. From temporary tattoo to permanent tattoo, all my drawings have deep meaning. For me, tattoo is not fashion, but it's a self reminder and hold personal stories that I want to remember. WJFC Studio is built to keep your precious memory in a safe and hygienic art.

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May 7, 2021 | 0 Comments

Have you got any tattoo and you need to care for it?  Your tattoo needs to be taken good care of aftercare Tattoo. Do not leave your tattoo to dry up.   After you tattoo yourself, the next step is to avoid the formation of a scab and try the best tattoo aftercare. Below I will …


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I'm fascinated with my first tattoo. Chris was very patient and kind to explain all the details for newbie. I was scared to have my first tattoo, but now I want more.

Erika Martin

Best experience in Vancouver. Visited Canada for a business trip, I ended up getting tattoo. Never regret it. I highly recommend them.

Mark Hewitt

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